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We all know what that means! But what it means to me today is…I’m off work for a week!! Woot woot! Yes as it became 5 o’clock somewhere….here…I’m officially on my “staycation.” We’re not doing much this week except spending a little extra time with the kids and then sending them back to school. Then mom and dad get to play! A morning at the driving range, coconut chicken salad lunch at Jam’s, a well deserved pedicure, and maybe a day at the pool without hearing…”mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, watch this…” These are a few of my favorite things!

Also, we need to work on the diet and exercise a bit and get on somewhat of a routine. The weather is getting better so try a bike ride, hit the tennis ball around, or a morning jog (or brisk walk) around a lake. My husband just reminded me in a month or so I’ll be pulling out my sweaters and long pants again (God love him) so it’s time to enjoy every last minute of warm weather.

Diet! It doesn’t have to be a four letter word. We need to stop super-sizing and ordering add-ons to our meals and start thinking about food as fuel. Eating every 3 hours will help boost metabolism, but it’s important to make healthy food choices most of the time. I say that because if we totally eliminate the things we enjoy we’ll never stick to healthy eating. Here’s my diet tips for the weekend and week ahead:

Eat every 3 hours (remember to space out calories so you aren’t eating too much at each sitting)
Increase protein so your protein intake in grams nearly equals your weight (wt. 150 lbs = nearly 150 gms protein)
Increase fiber (eat whole grains and lots of green veggies)
No fried food
Water x 8 (glasses)
Decrease soda intake (even diet soda, get down to 1 can/day or none gradually)

Try sticking with these tips over the next week and we’ll slowly add more to it. Do some type of exercise activity for 30 minutes each day. You’ll eventually want to work up to core strengthening and cardio. Have a great weekend!

Be well!


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