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I went to Borders last week and it was a sad sight. One of the most popular bookstores in the country is going bankrupt. The workers are scarce, no coffee shop, no where to sit and check out the latest New York Bestsellers and yet it was a busy place of business. Why am I blogging about Borders? No, they haven’t paid me to endorse their liquidation. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather a wealth of knowledge in the form of discount books. Whether it is self help, nutrition, fitness, textbooks, or other forms of learning…take advantage! Soon it will all be online (and full price), which is convenient (hence the bankrupcy of Borders), yet pricey! I am a technological geek per my husband, but I still love reading a book rather than a web page any day. I think opthamologists would agree it’s better for our eyes as well. Take a day this week to indulge in new knowledge.

Be well!


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